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multi-day kayaking trips from Helgeland Idyll

Pointed mountains plunging into the sea, sea eagles and bustling wildlife, 12,000 small and large islands shelter from waves and wind, chalk-white sandy beaches, clear water and midnight sun. Charming fishing village, accommodation full of history, fantastic views from both the top of Rødøyløva and the local knaus. Helgeland has everything a kayaker could wish for.   


Protection against infection on our tours:
We arrange all our tours in accordance with the infection control advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. In order for you to feel safe on a trip with us, we have made adjustments to our trips so that we comply with the advice from the authorities at all times.


  • Norway's hottest paddling destination

  • The view from the cult mountain Rødøyløva

  • Paddle trip to the chalk-white beaches on Hestmona, Gjerdøya, Engøya, Litjbjørnøya and Sundøya




The trip starts in Selsøyvika. From here you will be picked up by Helgelandsidyll's owner and host Gunnar and taken to Rangsundøy and Helgelandsidyll, our base and your place of residence for the coming days. We eat breakfast, get to know each other and plan Thursday's afternoon trip. 

During the days we paddle between the beautiful islands of Hestmona, Sundøya, Gjerdøya, Rangsundøy, Selsøya and a number of smaller islets and reefs. The area has a rich history both in terms of fisheries, fish farming and war history. The animal and bird life is exciting, the beaches are chalk white and the view is absolutely spectacular both from the sea and from every little knoll along the route.

On Thursday we paddle to one of these beautiful beaches on the neighboring island of Gjerdøya. We first paddle in from the south and take in the view towards Saturday's destination Rødøyløva, but then the beach life beckons and we take a good break on one of the island's many beaches. After a nice walk, we make dinner together and enjoy the local sauna and bathing platform until the evening is rounded off. 12.5 km paddling

On Friday we visit the west side of Selsøya/Hestmona in a kayak. The incredibly beautiful beach in Solvika faces west towards Træna and provides a starting point for a picture-perfect lunch break and swimming stop. After a nice and medium-long paddling trip, this day also ends with dinner and a pleasant time back on Rangsundøy. 19 km paddling

Saturday is the time to let the legs do the work. Rødøyløva is not the Himalayas, but Sherpas from there have made stairs and the view is at least as nice. A family-friendly mountain tour with an absolutely formidable view. Gunnar provides transport to and from Rangsundøy, you burn the gunpowder in your legs and we all have a great time with fantastic views for every meter we walk. An absolute highlight! about. 4 hours in total. Relatively easy trip, possibility of kayaking or a short trip out after we return from the lion if you wish.

Sunday is the return day, but we make sure to take one last trip with us after breakfast. Sundøya, Sandåkeren and a last paddle trip are too beautiful to leave out. After a nice last day in sheltered waters and breakfast/swimming, we paddle back to Helgelandsidyll for check-out, return of equipment and departure from Selsøyvik. A long weekend full of nature experiences in a safe and pleasant setting! 15km paddling. 

Price: 4 days NOK 1,000-13,500 depending on accommodation, meals and transport needs 

           3 days NOK 8,000-10,000

           2 days On request. Depends on content.

The prices are based on accommodation in an apartment at Helgelandsidyll all nights and self-catering. If you want glamping overnight, transport from places other than Selsøyvik and food served,  the prices are increased in line with the service delivery.

When: On request. My. 4 participants.

What is included


  • All accommodation

  • Guide

  •  All local transport associated with the tour programme


Contact Us

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact the person responsible for the tour.

Vegard André Olsen

Tel. 95 25 40 98

Tour facts

Level of difficulty: You must be in good physical shape and have previous paddling experience. It can get windy, so you need to be comfortable in the water, and master kayaking in waves and wind. Single and double kayaks will be able to be used and changed during the trip. NB - If you are on regular medication, have known allergies or the like, you must always have your personal medication with you.



We spend the night at Helgelandsidyll all nights. The starting point is a double room in an apartment, but single or double rooms in a glamping tent are available for an additional fee. Dormitory rooms are also available on request.




You must have adequate sickness and accident insurance which should also cover any transport home. Remember to bring proof of your travel insurance on your trip.

Some general things to be aware of:

  • Certain insurance companies use the number of meters above sea level as a criterion for what the insurance covers, and whether they call it an expedition or not. Pay particular attention to this - and check it carefully.

  • Some insurance companies require you to take out an extension if the single journey goes beyond a certain duration.

  • Be sure that the insurance covers the selected geographical area.

  • Some insurance companies have an upper limit on their cancellation and health insurance.

  • Does your insurance cover the loss of the purpose of the trip?

  • Luggage

  • Delays


We reserve the right to change prices. The day by day program is indicative and changes may occur. We also refer to our general travel conditions.


Price includes

  • Rental of sea kayaks, oars, vests, rucksacks and splash pads

  • Dry suit and paddle shoes

  • Safety equipment

  • Guiding

  • Accommodation

  • Transport by shuttle boat to/from Helgelandsidyll - Rødøya


Price does not include

  • Travel to/from Selsøyvik

  • Food and drink if this has not been agreed in advance.

Other information

If it is close to departure, get in touch. Maybe we'll get you along anyway.

Equipment list

This list is intended as a guideline to ensure that we have what we need regardless of the weather we encounter on the trip. Remember that you can also get used hiking equipment that works perfectly.

Get in touch if you have any questions: 95 25 40 98 /


Underwear. Avoid cotton, choose something that dries easily.

2 sets of woolen underwear. Use what you feel most comfortable with yourself, wool or synthetic.

Fleece jacket. To wear under the dry suit on cold days.

Shell jacket. For use outside the kayak. Everyone gets a dry suit to paddle with. 

Shell pants- Alternatively, you can bring rain trousers. 

Down jacket - Nice to have when we go ashore in the evening. Primaloft jacket or a thick wool sweater can also be used. 



Wool socks, both thick and thin. 


Caps and southwest.

Against sun and rain.

Packing bags. Waterproof in sizes small, medium and large. Everyone can borrow 1-2 large rucksacks to use on the trip, in addition different plastic sacks/bags are handed out as needed.

Seat pad/plate. Vegard sits on the vest or the towel. You sit on what you want.

Good hiking shoes. We're going out on a couple of hikes. The mountain tour to Rødøyløva does not require massive mountain shoes, but you should have OK footwear. 

Sunglasses.Good and solid sunglasses with dark glass. Cord is recommended so they can hang around the neck. 

Hiking pants

Shorts, swimwear and sandals. Voluntary swimming on the beaches every day. 


Drinking bottle/camel bag. You need to be able to take  2-3 liters of water with you.


Lunch box, cutlery, cup, plate. For drinks and lunch on tour.

Hygiene articles. Toothbrush, toothpaste, a small towel, wet wipes, sunscreen, soap, mosquito repellent etc.

Personal medications

Plasters, paracetamol etc. We want to know about personal medications you use, in case something should happen, cf. registration form and travel conditions.


Toilet paper. Always good to have something of your own available

Stationery. We recommend writing a diary to preserve all the memories and experiences you get on a trip like this.

Money/card. The trip covers most things, but bring some money for snacks and drinks.

Binoculars. The wildlife and scenery are worth it

Camera. Remember to leave enough space on the memory stick.

Earplugs. For those who sleep easily at night. 

Snacks. Nuts, chocolate etc.

TIP: If you are traveling by plane: We recommend that you have the most important hiking equipment in your hand luggage, for example hiking boots and Gore-Tex jacket/trousers.

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