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Booking & Tour calendar

The calendar at the bottom shows all our regular departures and is updated as we create new events for the tourist market. For tailor-made experiences or private departures, contact us at  .Click on the agenda and search far ahead in time to get all our events or move forward in time month by month to see events in the exact month in which you are visiting Helgeland. 

Mo i Rana 2.5h kayak excursion

We set out from Moholmen marina with a view towards Hemnesberget and the elongated Ranfjord's path towards the ocean. The trip goes north and combines old and new industrial history as we pass the decommissioned industrial giant the coking plant, Toraneskaia and the modern Mo i Rana Havn. We do beach breaks on the beautiful city beach Mjølanstranda where we stretch our legs and those who want to take off their paddling clothes and test the bathing temperature.


On the return trip, we pass the marina and continue past Mo i Rana's well-preserved old town on Moholmen. With our eyes fixed on the ski jumps in Fageråsen, we paddle right up to the stone sculpture Havmannen and take a closer look before turning our noses towards home again. A peaceful nature experience with historical top-up just a few meters from the city centre!

Onøy day trip kayaking

Lovely kayak trip through what we best describe as the most beautiful paddling landscape in the world. Steep mountains, white beaches, a bustling bird life and small islands and reefs everywhere. Quite simply a magical experience. We stop for lunch on a sandy beach so that the most adventurous can swim a bit before we head back (lunch is not included in the price)

What do you have to take with you?

Clothes, drinks, food, sunscreen, change of clothes, swimming shoes, 

What is included? 

Guiding, top paddling equipment (kayak, oar, splash pad, vest)

Dry suit and shoes for those who choose to order this.

Mo i Rana eskimo roll classes

Learn to roll a sea kayak with one of the best instructors in the business. The courses include guidance and all necessary equipment. You need courage, a water bottle and clothes to wear under the dry suit. We use woolen underwear under the suit, but anything that keeps the heat in will do. Well met!

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