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Rana Spesialsport started its history back in 1989, where Egil Fjellheim started what was then called Egil's Spesialsport. He sold special equipment for a sporty outdoor life and at the same time ran guiding and courses in climbing, glacier walking and kayaking. In 1995, Egil guided his first trip up Trænstaven. Since then, RSS has guided trips and groups up to Trænstaven every single year. 

His studies sent Egil out to discover Norway and the world, but after a few years away from home he moved in 2000back to Mo i Rana and established Rana Spesialsport. RSS gets off to a flying start where the company's first official mission is to host and guide Arne Hjeltnes' "Gutta på tour". For several years, RSS then consists of a sports and outdoor shop, courses and guide activities. In 2009, the shop activities in RSS are closed down and the company will only operate guiding and courses on request in the following years. 

After a few years of small-scale guide and course activities, Egil is considering back and forth about the company's future. There is not enough time, but the concept is both interesting and incredibly fun. In 2014, Vegard Olsen set up the company Polarsirkelen Aktiv, but after the two passionate people have worked together on a project and spent 5 minutes looking into the crystal ball together, they agree to join forces going forward. Vegard starts working for Egil, primarily with kayaks. In 2015, they also bring climber and rescuer Espen Wibe to the team and Rana Spesialsport AS is founded with three equal owners. The goal is to create world-class experiences in Helgeland. The owners work full-time alongside their involvement in RSS and do this primarily as a result of a burning commitment to activities, outdoor life, nature and love for their neighbourhood. With them on the team, they have had between 15 and 40 competent guides with long experience, good education and crazy ideas. Together with the owners, they ensure that the participants' safety and experiencestaken care of on tour. ​

For a period, the company also employed a full-time general manager, but the season is currently too short for such a solution to have proved sustainable. Rss has a wide selection of trips and plans, but the main focus is on climbing, glaciers, kayaking and caving.  We love putting together experiences consisting of several components and enjoy ourselves most when we can help others feel the same joy that we do every time we get to frolic in the world's most beautiful neighbourhood.

See you on the trip!


Name: Egil Fjellheim

Profession: Manualtherapist 


Name: Aspen Wibe

Profession: Rescuer


Name: Vegard Olsen

Profession: Headmaster


About us

Meat our guides: 


Name: Kristin Nordhus Karlson

Profession: the municipality's section - Mental health and substance abuse, municipal crisis team.

Guide: NPF Tour leader sea, NPF Activity leader 2016, instructor first aid

Kristin took her first paddle in 2004, and completed the Advanced Ocean Course in 2017. Her favorite areas in kayaking are along the coast and out in the archipelago, from Helgeland to Lofoten. A year-round paddler who appreciates variations, from calm seas to rough roads. Likes to play in breaking, surfing and waves.


Name: Per Brochmann

Occupation: CEO Hurtigruten Svalbard

Guide: NPF Activity leader kayak 2014, Fjell


Per has 15 years of experience in kayaking and a long life in the joys of outdoor life.
Has been on kayak expeditions in Greenland and Alaska, as well as crossed Svalbard on skis. 

A true Bergenser who spreads joy and motivation to every participant.


Name: Kristin Johansen

Profession: Regional manager Helgeland Reiseliv

Guide: paddling, mountains, summit tour


Name: Berit Therese Strømmen

Profession: Teacher of Physical Education

Guide: NPF Activity leader, mountains, RSS internal glacier, mountains, Telemark trainer 2

Berit started his outdoor career 20 years ago. Skiing and kayaking have been a large part of leisure interests in recent years. She has extensive local knowledge and gives the participants a safe and good experience on tour.  In 2016, Berit took the Ocean Activity Leader course.  


Name: Vegard Olsen

Profession: Headmaster

Guide:NPF activity leader 2016, NPF tour leader sea 2018, NHKGIF/IFSKGIA instructor

Vegard has 15 years of experience in kayaking, approx. 200 trips per year. Has paddled and led paddling trips in 19 different countries.

Holds rolling courses, intro courses, basic courses, technical courses and activity leader meetings. Managerguided trips in easy and challenging waters. Thrives best in the surf zone or upside down in oneroller kayak. Has also worked as a cave guide in Setergrotta and thrives underground when he is not at sea. Vegard thrives best in tents and under simple conditions


Name: Krister Bjørnbak


Guide: RSS internal glacier, mountain, adventure activities

Krister grew up in the environment of the Fjellheim family and can look back on many years of outdoor and adventurous activities with RSS.  


Name: Vegard Einarsen


Guide: NF climbing instructor high mountain, glacier, RSS internal glacier, first aid


Vegar has a burning interest in mountain sports, both summer and winter. He has been climbing in the mountains for many years and has been an NF-certified high mountain climbing instructor since 2016. Has worked as a glacier guide at Galdhøpiggen and Svartisen. Einarsen also has sanitary education from the armed forces.


Name: Tor Håkon-Lynghei

Profession: Industrial mechanic 

Guide: Activity leader course 2016, RSS internal mountain, Roller course


Tor Håkon is interested in mountains, the sea and nature, goes on summit trips, climbs and paddles. Joined the RSS family in 2015, mainly on the kayak side, but eventually took the step out of the water and became a co-guide on the mountain. Feel great in general out in nature, preferably with smiling hikers around!

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