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Kayak arrangements for companies and groups.

Kajak is a rapidly growing and popular sport. The important feeling of mastery comes quickly after a few hours of expert guidance and training. 

We can offer an intro course for groups with little or no experience in kayaking.   

The main aim of this course is for the participants to be introduced to the kayak and the equipment. After completing the course, the participant has learned to use a kayak, oar, pull and vest through simple practical exercises. The course will motivate for further training in paddling.

Sub-goals for the participants: 

  • Lift, carry and launch a kayak.

  • Paddle forward on a straight course.

  • Stop.

  • Swing the kayak both ways.

  • Back paddling.

  • Walk around and get satisfactorily out of the kayak in the water.

  • Disembarkation

  • Sitting position and good paddling technique

  • Introduction to how to increase safety when paddling.

  • Knowledge of local paddling conditions.

In addition, our course has been extended with thorough companion and self-rescue as well as trip planning with assessment of weather and wind. More practical info about location, detailed content and practical details will come shortly.

Estimated time: 4 hours.

Dthere is also the possibility to add up to oneBasic course Seawhere the paddlers are issued a wet card after completing the course.

The main goals for the course, the basics are the use of a kayak, rescue techniques should something go wrong, assessment of weather and wind conditions, trip planning, maneuvering  off the kayak and simply become a better sea paddler. 

Sub-goals for the participant

  • Lift, carry, launch and enter the kayak

  • Efficient forward paddling

  • Backward paddling and stop.

  • Lateral movement of the kayak.

  • Low support ceiling.

  • Steering cover (rear).

  • Turn (sweep roof and steering roof).

  • Disembarkation.

  • Securing the kayak after disembarking

  • Rescue techniques

  • Injury prevention

  • Planning a simple trip to be carried out

  • General safety and basic seamanship

  • General information about outdoor life and the right of the public

  • Trackless traffic

Estimated time: 16 hours

Bthese courses can be organized over longer periods of time and can be combined with shorter or longer trips locally or out on the beautiful Helgeland coast.

In addition, together with our collaboration partners offer:

​● Accommodation

● Food service

● Transport Car / Rib

● Hiking in the mountains

● Top tour skiing

● Ice glacier hiking

● Other combined Teambuilding activities

Hwhy invest in experiences and team building activities for your company? 

In an everyday life at work where the focus is always on making customers happy and providing the best possible service, it is easy to forget the company's jewel, namely the employees. Such activities and experiences create trust, reduce conflicts, create relationships and increase cooperation. This provides good conditions for establishing a good working environment, which is often the key to productivity and low sickness absence. 

To be successful as a company, you depend on good cooperation among the employees and work towards one or more common goals. With the activities and experiences we can offer, we are sure that we can help create this atmosphere for you and your company.


Contact us for a tailored plan and a non-binding offer. 

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