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An investment in the company's future

Give the working environment a boost

The employees in focus

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RSS The Race

T​he race is inspired by the well-known TV program The amazing race but has been taken a step further and angled towards team building in companies and larger groups. Here you and your company come with a desire to implement. We tailor a plan that is adapted to your time frame and budget. 

Such a scheme can be arranged anywhere in Helgeland and can be included with food service, transport and accommodation with our partners.

En implementation consists of several puzzles and challenges that must be solved in order to progress to the next post, where the group that gets to the last post first walks away with the victory. An entry contains various challenges that the group must solve together in order to get a clue to the next entry. The content of the entries varies in degree of difficulty and requires the participants to use creativity, knowledge of cooperation, communication, precision and trust to solve the tasks. 

RSS has several years of experience with The Race and can guarantee that the participants will discover the will to win, cooperative skills and burning commitment. 

Hwhy invest in experiences and team building activities for your company? 

In an everyday life at work where the focus is always on making customers happy and providing the best possible service, it is easy to forget the company's jewel, namely the employees. Such activities and experiences create trust, reduce conflicts, create relationships and increase cooperation. This provides good conditions for establishing a good working environment, which is often the key to productivity and low sickness absence.

To be successful as a company, you depend on good cooperation among the employees and working towards one or more common goals. With the activities and experiences we can offer, we are sure that we can help create this atmosphere for you and your company.


Contact us for a tailored plan and a non-binding offer. 

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