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One of the longest

the largest in volume

One of 900 caves in Nordland


Setergrotta is approximately 400,000 years old and is one of over 200 limestone caves around Mo i Rana. Setergrotta is one of the largest in Rana and Norway's sixth largest. It has 3.4 km of passages and is part of an 8 km network of caves.

In the cave, you will experience large rock halls with a ceiling height of up to 9 metres, narrow passages that you have to crawl through, underground rivers, large potholes, the marble hall and the "letter crack" for those with a soft body. In winter, the entrance may be iced over. If necessary, we secure with rope.

The tour can also be spiced up with a concert inside the cave and food service inside or outside the cave.

Group tours

Rana Spesialsport organizes group tours in Setergrotta.


Duration: About 3-4 hours from the arrival parking lot, of which 2-3 hours inside the cave itself. Concerts and food service can extend the trip.


Equipment: Overalls, helmet, headlamp and gloves are included in the price.
The participants themselves must have: Warm hiking clothes and good shoes: Mountain shoes or sturdy trainers. In winter, tall shoes are recommended, as we have to walk a bit in the snow to get to the cave.
Even if we use coveralls, you have to expect your own clothes to get dirty since water and sand can seep through the suit. The temperature in the cave is 4 degrees and it quickly gets a little cold if we stand still.

Welcome to the underground!

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