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An unforgettable experience

Powerful nature

337 meters above sea level

To the top of Trænstaven with your company

Du have seen the nice little mountain range we have far out to sea, with the characteristic mountain peaks on the island of Sanna? With a tailor-made plan, you and your company have the opportunity to climb Trænstaven, which stretches 338 meters above sea level.​

Trænstaven is a fantastic mountain to climb and a perfect challenge for most people. You don't need to be in super shape, but the hike is relatively steep and requires normal physical fitness.

Med et tailored we can offer schemes from RSS;

- All necessary safety equipment for the climb

- Transport from the desired destination            on the mainland by RIB/Boat

- Food service

- Knowledgeable guides

- Various activities apart from the climb itself

- Accommodation


SThe river climb starts with the participants being given personal climbing equipment for the trip. Necessary information is given before we go towards the entrance to the ascent itself on the north-west side of Sanna, approx. 1.6 km. from the quay. The trip follows a ridge all the way and offers easy climbing, effortless walking as well as small parts with easy climbing. The trip is airy and gives most people a taste of great mountain climbing/climbing. Participants are secured in ropes at all times so that we avoid accidents and can fully focus on goosebump experiences.

Hwhy invest in experiences and team building activities for your company? 

In an everyday life at work where the focus is always on making customers happy and providing the best possible service, it is easy to forget the company's jewel, namely the employees. Such activities and experiences create trust, reduce conflicts, create relationships and increase collaboration. This provides good conditions for establishing a good working environment, which is often the key to productivity and low sickness absence.

To be successful as a company, you depend on good cooperation among the employees and working towards one or more common goals. With the activities and experiences we can offer, we are sure that we can help create this atmosphere for you and your company.


Contact us for a tailored plan and a non-binding offer. 

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